RAYSEND - 2004   
Christmas wedding of parents.

 Litter's Pedigree
The father 
Int/Rus/Bel/FT CH As Vef Vashe Velichestvo: (b.11.01.00)
 (более 50 BIS на момент 2010г)
Интерчемпион, Чемпион России, Беларуссии, Нац.Клуба, РКФ, 6Ч АНКОР, 3Ч РОЛС, Ч РФСС,
призер ЧМира-2002, 2003, 8 CACIB, 5 КЧК, 5 BIS-1, 3R.BIS, 2BIS-3, 19BIG, 37 ЛПП, 5 BISюн.
Starring El Hannibal
Int/Fin/S CH 
Chelines El-Titiritero 
CH Burrenglen Pickber
CH Louline Pickled Pepper
Burrengrove Limelight
Chelines Fruta-Deseada
CH Chelines Tradicion
Chelines Fruta Prohibida
 Starring Name Game
CH Gainsay Guess My Name
Int/Fin/S/N CH 
Louline Hallmark
Fin/S/N CH 
Quita v.d. Bismarckquelle
CH Starring Graze Zones
Int/Fin/S/N CH 
Goldfighters Goldhoot
Int/Fin/S/N CH 
Cille v.d. Bismarckquelle
Kreit Dastina
RusCH Arto Vef
Int.CH Flash v.Bismarckquelle
CH  Louline Headlight 
Ita v.d. Bismarckquelle JP.BF
RusCH Gainsay
Land Shark
Int/Fin/S/N CH 
Louline Hallmark
Fin/S/N CH 
Quita v.d. Bismarckquelle

  •          CH Skerli Avantura at Raysend (SONY): (b.21.02.02)
             Чемпион России, Ч РКФ, 3Ч РОЛС, Ч РФСС, BIS, 3 BIG, 2R.BIG, BIG-3, 8 САС, 8 ЛПП.
    Int/It/Rus/Bel CH
     Strozzavolpe AcunaMatata
      Int Mult CH 
    Mr. Fantastic
    CH Seloy Mr. Brown
     Int CH Louline Henderson
    CH Perfect Match of Stonegarth
    CH Seawire Silver Bell
     CH Brockly Mr.Brocket
    Seawire Sharlotte
       Int CH
    Seloy  La Boheme
    CH Galsul Fox of Rotella
    CH Galsul Bright Boy 
     Galsul New Moon
    CH Seloy 
    Norma Jean 
    Int CH Louline Henderson
      Topwire Jenifer
     Int/Rus/Bel/Ukr CH
    As Vef Skerli Ru
    CH Forgevale
    Victory at Travella.
    CH Sceftesbr  Consul at Travella
    Int CH Travella  Special Strike
      CH Sceftesbr Chianti
    Cwmgarws Lady Kate  at Forgevale
      CH Cwmgarws Smack on   for Wyrecroft
     Cwmgarws    Particular Lady

    Int Mult CH
    Foxtory Skirmish

    Int, Fin, Est CH Corriecote Storm
    CH Blackdale Eurocrat
     Whynncraege Fantasy     of Corriecote
    Int/Fin/Est/LtuCH LtuW-97 
    Yomina v.d. Bismarckquelle
    Walzerkanig  v. d. Bismarckquelle
     Gunilla v.d. Bismarckquelle

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